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Steel constructions can be coated with a substance called intumescent fireproof paint to give fire protection. When subjected to high temperatures, such those found in a fire, it is meant to expand and create a thick coating of char that acts as insulation. By acting as a barrier, this coating of char retards the flow of heat into the steel structure and shields the steel from the heat.

The following are the main attributes and advantages of intumescent fireproof paint:

1. Fire resistance: The excellent fire resistance of the coating shields the steel structure from the impacts of fire and keeps it from collapsing structurally.

2. Thermal insulation: When exposed to high temperatures, the intumescent coating creates a thick layer of insulation that helps to prevent heat transfer to the steel frame and preserve its structural integrity.

3. Durability: Throughout the anticipated life of the building or structure, intumescent coatings are meant to be strong and resilient, offering fire protection.

4. Aesthetic appeal: By offering fire protection, these coatings can be placed in a variety of finishes, such as colored or transparent coatings, allowing for aesthetic considerations.

5. Simple application: Incendiary coatings can be applied to the steel surface by brushing or spraying. To obtain the required fire rating, they can also be coated in several layers.

It is imperative that specialists possessing expertise in fire safety and building codes handle the selection and application of Intumescent fireproof paint. To make sure the coating system satisfies the necessary fire resistance requirements for the particular application, it should be thoroughly tested and approved.

Sphere of influence

Indoor intumescent steel structure fireproof coating is extensively utilized for high-rise steel structure fire protection, including stadiums, commercial plazas, industrial plants, power plants, airports, stadiums, petrochemical, and chemical industries, and net frames.

Product Specifications

Its properties include strong bonding strength, low dosage, thin coating, good adhesion, good fire resistance, great fireproof performance, ease of construction, and non-toxicity to humans. It performs the functions of fire-resistant and heat-insulating protection and decorating for steel structural parts in addition to having strong anti-seismic, anti-bending, and weather resistance properties.

exporting goods

In order to fulfill the demand from both the domestic and international markets, this product is not only supplied to the domestic market but also exported to Europe, America, and numerous other countries where it has been well welcomed by clients. The required export qualification MSDS and the certificate of goods transportation conditions have been achieved by this product, which satisfies all standards.

Table of comparative data

Product model, coating thickness, fire resistance duration, and theoretical dose

Building procedure

1 Ensure that the steel structure's surface is clean and clear of oil before building begins by completely removing any dust and floating rust. Additionally, remove any rust, apply an antirust primer, and typically apply high-quality antirust paint twice, all in accordance with the design specifications.

2 Stir the paint thoroughly. The initial coat should be relatively thin, no thicker than 1 mm, to guarantee adhesion.

3. Wait for the last coating table to dry completely, which should take around six hours. Then, spray again, increasing the coating's thickness until it reaches the desired fire-resistant duration. one-hour fire resistance limit, two-hour fire resistance limit, and three-hour fire resistance limit;

The construction of the paint thickening sensation should only be used in the proper amount of diluent dilution; exceeding this amount should be avoided as it could impair the coating's adherence and fire performance.

5. It is recommended that building activities be conducted in an indoor space with adequate ventilation, shielded from precipitation, and heated above freezing temperatures. After opening, the paint must be utilized all in one day. Note: Please inquire about the expert construction and specific diluent diluting.

Take Aims

The product needs to be kept out of the sun, at a temperature between 5 and 38 degrees Celsius, in a dry, well-ventilated warehouse, without being inverted, and with antifreezing. six months of storage. After construction, stay out of the rain and seal any opened paint.

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  • Fireproof spray paint is typically made with special ingredients that provide heat resistance and fire protection. Some common technical characteristics of fireproof spray paint include: 1. High heat resistance: Fireproof spray paint is designed to withstand high temperatures without melting or catching fire.

  • Intumescent fire retardant coatings are a type of passive fire protection coating that expands when exposed to high temperatures, forming a thick, insulating char layer that helps to protect the underlying substrate from fire damage. These coatings are commonly used in the construction industry to improve the fire resistance of structural elements such as steel beams, columns, and walls.

  • Fire is a destructive force that can cause immense damage to property and pose a significant risk to human life. In order to mitigate the potential dangers associated with fire, it is crucial to implement effective fire safety measures. One such measure is the use of flame retardant coatings, such as huacheng fireguard flame retardant coating, which are designed to slow down or prevent the spread of fire.

  • Fire rated paint for drywall is an important aspect of building safety and compliance with fire codes. Drywall is a common building material used in the construction of walls and ceilings, and it is essential to ensure that it is properly protected against fire hazards. Fire rated paint is designed to provide a protective barrier that can help prevent the spread of fire and smoke in the event of a fire, and it is an important consideration for any building project.

  • Heat and fire resistant paint is a specialized type of coating designed to provide protection against high temperatures and flames. This type of paint is commonly used in industrial and commercial settings where there is a risk of fire or exposure to extreme heat. It is also used in residential applications where fire protection is a priority.

  • ​The production process of fire resistant varnish typically involves the following steps: 1. Formulation: The formulation of fire retardant varnish involves the selection and mixing of various chemical compounds and additives to achieve the desired fire retardant properties. 2. Mixing and Blending: The selected chemicals are mixed and blended in specific proportions to ensure a homogeneous mixture.

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