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The general use of steel structure fire retardant coating?


Fire retardant coating for steel structure is a special coating used to form a layer of fire protection film on the surface of steel structure to provide fire protection. Such coatings usually contain fire-resistant materials, such as high temperature resistant inorganic materials or chemical flame retardants, which can slow the spread of fire in the event of a fire and reduce the burning rate of steel structures. Fire retardant coatings for steel structures can effectively extend the safe use time of steel structures under fire conditions and protect buildings and personnel from fire hazards.

Precautions during use:

1. Select the appropriate paint type to ensure that it complies with local fire protection standards and regulations.

2. Before construction, clean and treat the steel structure to ensure that the surface is free of oil, rust and impurities.

3. Ensure that the construction environment is well ventilated to avoid harmful gas inhalation.

4. Construction is carried out in strict accordance with the instructions provided by the paint manufacturer to ensure the correct use method and coating thickness of the paint.

5. In the construction process, avoid excessive dilution or excessive concentration of the paint, so as not to affect the fire performance.

6. Ensure that the coating is fully stirred before use to avoid uneven color and inconsistent coating thickness.

7. Before the coating dries, avoid mechanical impact or other damage to the surface of the steel structure.

8. Avoid construction under high temperature, high humidity or strong wind conditions, so as not to affect the quality and fire resistance of the paint.

9. During the construction process, pay attention to safety measures to avoid the occurrence of fire and industrial accidents.

10. After the completion of construction, the quality of the coating is checked to ensure that the coating meets the fire protection standards and regulations.

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