Non-Intumescent Fireproof Paint

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Non-Intumescent Fireproof Paint is a type of fireproof coating that is used on the exterior of steel structural components of buildings. The coating is essentially non-combustible and does not vary in volume when exposed to fire.

The coating itself is non-combustible, and when exposed to fire, its volume essentially remains constant. It also creates a protective layer that is heat-insulating and fire-resistant, isolating oxygen, shielding steel components from heat radiation, and has a very low thermal conductivity.

Because of its extremely low thermal conductivity, steel structural parts have a higher fire resistance limit and a slower rate of heat transfer. This product has been awarded the "Certificate of Fire Protection Product Certification" by the Ministry of Emergency Management's Fire Protection Product Conformity Assessment Center.

The Ministry of Emergency Management's Fire Protection Product Conformity Assessment Center awarded the product a Certificate of Fire Protection Product Certification, and following the National Fire Protection and Flame Retardant Product Quality Supervision and Inspection Center's type approval test, all of the product's performance indices met the required levels.

The technological proficiency has attained the highest level in the country.

Scope of application

Non-Intumescent Fireproof Paint is widely used in the steel structure fire protection of high-rise buildings such as airports, power plants, petroleum, petrochemical and chemical plants, stadiums, commercial plazas, industrial plants, net frames and so on.

Product Characteristics

The coating has low thermal conductivity, small specific gravity, excellent fireproofing performance, good impact resistance, good crack resistance, non-shedding and aging resistance, good fireproof and heat insulation performance, high fire resistance time and convenient construction.

Export security

This product is not only supplied to the domestic market, but also exported to Europe and the United States, and exported to many foreign countries to meet the domestic and foreign market demand. This product meets the standard and obtains relevant export qualification.

Construction process

1 Prior to construction, the steel structure's surface should be completely cleaned of dirt and grease, and any floating rust should be removed. Additionally, remove any rust, apply an antirust primer, and typically apply high-quality antirust paint twice, all in accordance with the design specifications.

2 The paint can be sprayed and smeared during construction (this is the suggested application method), and the sprayed coating has homogeneous concave and convex particles on its surface.

3 Equally stir the paint the first time, using a ratio of 5:1, or one kilogram of glue to five kilos of powder. The first coat should not be thicker than 5 mm. After the coating has dried (approximately 12 hours), the second coat should be sprayed with a second powder and glue ratio that is suitably increased, up to a maximum of 10:1. You can change the ratio for the next coat. The coating's thickness can be suitably raised; typically, spraying four or five times will result in a 25mm layer.

4 The paint thickening construction allows for the proper dilution of a certain amount of pure water; adding more will not harm the coating's adherence or fire performance.

It is recommended that construction activities be conducted in an indoor space with enough ventilation, shielding it from rain and operating above 0°C. Additionally, paint should be utilized within days of opening. Note: Please request that the skilled builder assemble the item and use our company's unique, matching adhesive. Use up mixed wet substance within two hours.


To prevent sun exposure, dampness, and rain immersion, the goods should be stored in a dry, ventilated warehouse at a temperature between 5°C and 38°C. The special adhesive should be stored at a temperature of 3°C. Transportation and packaging need to be waterproof and resistant to moisture. Six months of storage

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