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What do I need to pay attention to in the construction of steel structure project?


1. Preparation of steel structure entry.

Prepare targeted construction and construction deployment plan and program.

2、Steel structure assembling construction.

Steel structure assembling should give priority to the construction template, and notify the engineering supervision, cell owners, design and other departments for acceptance. In the construction, it is necessary to pay attention to whether the steel structure connection is reliable, whether the welding is in accordance with the regulations, whether the steel structure is fireproof, anticorrosion and antirust treatment, whether the lightning protection is in accordance with the regulations, and whether the safety construction program and safety of the steel structure are in accordance with the regulations.

3、Steel structure inspection report.

Steel structure includes raw material inspection, welding, appearance, threaded connection, hidden quality of internal structure of steel structure, fire protection of steel structure, anticorrosion, thickness of anticorrosive paint, and resistance of steel structure foundation connection, which need to be tested by tensile strength test, and the specified report should be the inspection report issued by third party accredited department with testing qualification.

4、Civilized construction, acceptance and handover of steel structure.

After the steel structure construction is finished, there need to have the guarantee measures for the construction of manufactured products and semi-products, especially the quality of the paint after the end, such as the pollution is difficult to deliver the goods according to, so it is the key manipulation of the ring. After the completion of the construction, we should notify the units, and after all kinds of inspection and acceptance, it will be handed over to the owner's unit intact.

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