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Role of Steel Structure Fireproof Coating


1、It has basic decorative function. As a kind of coating with strong adhesion function, it can be bonded on the surface of steel to achieve decorative beautification effect.

2、It has the function of fireproof and flame retardant. The steel structure fireproof coating is applied in the steel, which can improve the steel's resistance to high-temperature flames, and its fire-resistant limit can reach two hours, which in turn enhances the building's fireproofing and heat-insulating properties, and makes it stronger; while the unused steel can only withstand the flame impact for about 15 minutes.

3、It is waterproof, frostproof, weatherproof, anticorrosion, rustproof, acid and alkali resistance, salt spray, etc., which greatly improves the service life of the steel structure.

4, the construction process is relatively simple, artificial direct brushing, scraping, smearing, spraying can be, easy to operate, and the construction process does not have a stimulating odor, less harmful to the human body.

5, in the actual application, applying steel structure fireproof coating can overcome the deficiencies of steel structure in fireproof performance, and in the long run, it can protect the safety of the building and improve the performance of the building.

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