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For construction projects in the steel structure fireproof coating construction need to pay attention to what matters


When it comes to construction projects involving steel structures and fireproof coating, here are some important considerations:

For the construction of steel structure fireproof coating is not something too difficult is the thing, mainly need to pay attention to the construction of a note. As long as the construction steps have no problem, and then in the construction environment to pay attention to the general will not appear any problem.

  1. Thin steel structure fireproof coating must ensure that the rust removal and antirust paint coating on the surface of the steel structure should comply with the national design requirements and the existing relevant national regulations before painting and construction.

  2. Before painting, it must be clear of dust, oil and other sundries on the surface of the steel structure, and it should be carried out under the condition of ensuring that it will not be damaged by the subsequent works before decoration.

  3. The walls, doors, windows, mechanical equipments and other components which do not need fire protection should be covered during the construction.

  4. When painting construction, the ambient temperature should be kept at 5~38℃, the relative humidity should not be more than 90%, and the air should flow. Open-air painting construction work should choose the appropriate weather, wind, rain, cold, etc. should not work. So the bottom of 4 degrees should not be constructed.

  5.Certification and compliance: The coating you use should meet the safety standards and be certified for your application. Ensure that you comply with local building codes and regulations.

  6.Maintenance: Regular inspection and maintenance of the fireproof coating are important to ensure its continued effectiveness. Inadequate or improper maintenance can compromise the coating's performance and put the structure at risk in the event of a fire.

Taking these factors into account when constructing steel structures with fire protection coatings will ensure that the structure is well protected from the risk of fire.


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