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What preparations should be made before the construction of steel structure fireproof coating?


For the steel structure fireproof coating construction before what to do to prepare for the matter, the following is to ask the editor to introduce to you:

1. Before construction, fireproof coating should be fully stirred, and can be used only after it is uniform. Construction to brush mainly, can also be sprayed, but the material will waste 15-30% of the

Steel structure fireproof coating

2. Before applying fireproof coating on steel structure, the surface of steel frame should be descaled to do anti-corrosion treatment. It is recommended to use epoxy zinc rich anti-corrosion primer, epoxy anti-corrosion primer can also be used. Anti-corrosion primer must be dry before the construction of fireproof coating.

3. Keep the air circulation at the construction site, the wind speed is not more than 5m/s, outdoor work or construction components should not be constructed when the surface is dewy.

4. Construction of a thickness of 0.10-0.15mm is appropriate, table dry after the second construction, coating thickness of 0.15-0.20mm is appropriate, the subsequent construction, coating thickness should be controlled at about 0.20mm, not more than 0.30mm, until it reaches the specified thickness, each construction time interval to the coating does not stain the hands of the shall prevail (generally in 18-24 hours or so), construction The ambient temperature is 0-40℃, the substrate temperature is 5-45℃, and the relative humidity of the air is not more than 90%.

The above introduction for the fireproof coating construction of some tips, but also fireproof coating construction of some of the necessary work before, I hope that we can refer to in the construction process, do not understand can consult the manufacturers, or by professionals at home to guide the knowledge only to help you in the construction process more smoothly!

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