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​Why do we say that the performance of solvent-based fireproof coating is better than water-based fireproof coating?


The film-forming material of water-based fireproof coating is generally selected from vinyl chloride - dichloroethylene emulsion, phenylpropylene emulsion, pure acrylic emulsion, polyvinyl acetate emulsion, etc., and all these materials use water as solvent. The difference in the performance of these two types of coatings mainly lies in the physical and chemical properties of the coatings and weathering performance, solvent-based fireproofing coatings, both of which are better than water-based fireproofing coatings.

In the early 70's, some professional paint factory produced perchloroethylene, chlorinated rubber fireproof paint. The above two kinds of fireproof paint because the fireproof effect is not ideal, so did not form a market in China. It was not until the late 70s that China began to carry out research work on organic intumescent fireproof paint.

From the above introduction we can easily conclude that China's paint industry started relatively late, but the development is still relatively rapid, this is also because China has a broad market, can be a large number of these fireproof coatings to do the construction of safety protection. We Beijing Huacheng Fireproof Coating Co., Ltd. there are many new varieties of fireproof coating, if there is to help with the details can also find us consulting, we will be happy to serve you!

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