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What is the fireproof and heat insulation principle of non-intumescent steel structure fireproof coating?


The fireproof and heat insulation principle of thick steel structure fireproof coating coated on steel member is that the coating basically does not undergo volume change when it is subjected to fire, but the thermal conductivity of the coating is very low, which delays the speed of heat transmission to the insured substrate, and the coating of the fireproof coating itself is non-combustible, and it acts as a barrier to steel member and prevents heat radiation, which prevents the flame and high temperature from attacking the steel member directly. There are also some components in the coating that react with each other in case of fire to generate a non-gas body process is a heat-absorbing reaction, but also consumes a lot of heat, which is conducive to lowering the temperature of the system, so the fireproofing effect is remarkable, and play an efficient fire protection and thermal insulation protection for steel. In addition, this kind of steel structure fireproof coating does not change the volume of the coating by fire to form a glaze-like protective layer, which can play the role of isolation of oxygen, so that oxygen can not be protected by the contact of flammable substrates, thus avoiding or reducing the combustion reaction. However, the thermal conductivity of the glazed protective layer generated by this kind of coating is often larger, and the thermal insulation effect is poor. In order to achieve a certain fireproof and heat insulation effect, thick-coated fireproof coating is generally coated with a thicker layer in order to achieve a certain fireproof and heat insulation performance requirements.

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