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How to prevent fire in the office


Generally speaking, people for production workshops, warehouses, living room fire prevention is more important, and often for the window clean, busy office which is not too much attention. However, the office there are many fear of fire hazards. Today's office there is no shortage of air conditioning, water dispensers, computers, printers, copiers, various chargers and other electrical equipment, to bring convenience to the work at the same time, but also sowed the seeds of electrical fires. How to prevent office fire?

First, because the office electrical appliances with socket power supply, the use of the use of electrical appliances do not plug too much, so as not to cause the socket, the plug engagement bad heat and fire.

Second, you can not only use the hand of certain wall socket, idle other wall socket, resulting in the socket wire accelerated aging, or even due to current overload resulting in an accident.

Third, portable appliances are generally small, poor heat dissipation, prone to spontaneous combustion accidents, use should be away from the desktop, tablecloths and other combustible objects, and always check their operating temperature.

Fourth, the power management of smart appliances will be set to power saving mode, do not use automatically "hibernate" to reduce power consumption to avoid fire hazards. Do not let the appliance standby for a long time, otherwise it is easy to cause damage to the appliance or induce a fire.

Fifth, do not forget to turn off the electrical switch, each office set up a dual-link switch, hand cut off the indoor power supply at the end of the day.

Idle other wall sockets, resulting in accelerated aging of the socket wires, or even due to current overload resulting in untoward.

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